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Tuesday, 4-Aug-2009 02:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Birthday!!

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It was my birthday!! Yaay! I was gutted my friend did not want to tag along for the celebration. In fact, I even offered to belanja them. Funny aint it? My birthday n Im the one treating them. , I guess I need company to celebrate. I guess I need to choose my friends carefully. But putting that thought aside, they did throw me a birthday surprise when I got back. Apparently, they ignored me purposely. But since I went out, the birthday cake melted. Hahahaha. Aww bless them.

Anyway, Debora Simon (Debo) and Fasya teman me on my birthday. Im happy. The most exciting thing happened this year! That I can assure you, no other year can win! We went to eat pizza at Shah Alam City Center (SACC) Mall. Then, we went jalan-jalan. I like jalan-jalan. Its like Magic! There was a performance in the middle of the Mall. A band playing and a lady singing. I jokingly said to Fasya to sing me a song up on stage and guess what?! she did?! OH MY HEAVEN! She sang few Malay songs with the lady singer and ended with a Happy Birthday to me song! Just like that! Just like That! Just like THAT, I became a celebrity. EVERYONE in the Mall greeted me and throw me wonerful Birthday wishes. Hahahahahahaha . I am actually glad I went out that day. I dont even think thank you is enuff for these two lovely friends.

Friday, 5-Jun-2009 17:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Crush Convocation (CC)

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Okay Okay . .It ain't only my crush's convo, it was Kak Lilian n Abg Paan's convo too. It just happen the crush convo as well. Coincidence! Hak Hak Dunno if he knows. Does he? Well, there are things he did that really hurts me, but might as well take pic n gave him one of those Ferrore Roche flower thingy to him. For memories sake. . .It was fun, to have a crush.

Wednesday, 10-Dec-2008 04:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Puncak Perdana 2008

Keylah + Hunni
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My diploma years at UITM Puncak Perdana Campus. I'm active! Become committee ere n there. Rushing ere n there. Busy ere n there. Got close with the 'Perfect' club. Though im not in their club, but hang out too much with them, even juniors think im a 'Perfect'. . . It stands for peer mentor something something. . I was stamped as a 'Tekaccountant'. Combine TEKA( Teknologi Kreatif n Artistik) and Accounting. WHY?! hahaha, for some reason, I always go out for dinner with ppl from teka. Ntah arr kenapa.

Wednesday, 10-Dec-2008 04:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Perfect Day

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Not exactly a perfect day. It is a day I spend with the Perfect (a mentor society thingy) members. I am not a member but still, I love to kacau people.

Raya long gone, but brought my two housemates Bashirah n Kak Chik to my aunt's open house. My aunt's lasagnea is to die for! My cousin aka bro drove use there. He borrowed dad's car, haha, so I don't really feel any guilt of him driving us there, OR he is a superb nice person. Well, he is nice Funny thing is, he brought his new girlfriend along. Hmmmm she seems nice, That's what I thought. I dunno, something bout her just aint right. A lot of questions running through my head. But in the end, she is the one he chose. I might as well try to get along with her. No pics of her, I wonder why myself too. I guess she doesn't really come as the person tht can effect my life. Oh well. We will see how it goes.

After the open house, had to rush back to puncak, the girls had to attend the Perfect meet up. Me? tag along of course. Muahahaha. The next day I have MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) test. I did some studying while waiting for them and apparently aced it. Im good!

Monday, 24-Nov-2008 11:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
aftas raya

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in my course, we got dis association called accounting fast track society...aftas....after raya, they held a so called' hari raya' for all fastrack accounting woz quite fun...oh well, couldnt be woz held at induk....get to meet abg fizi, our mpp...we wore da same colour outfit...wnted to take pics wid him but didnt get da chance

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